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Big Data for Small Business: What to Look At and How to Use It

  Using big data for small business can help the company in question rapidly become larger and more successful. Information is everything in t ...
August 4, 2017 // News analytics big data Business //
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This startup is an interactive data analytics solution provider – WonderBi Analytics

  Business executives who are always on the move and own the greater responsibility for the business always crave for business insights to tak ...
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How data analytics reporting is helping Fox Sports tone up its business ambitions

  Helping teams across Fox Sports understand what data they have and using it to not only solve business problems, but find business opportuni ...
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How to start an analytics journey

  Organizations that use data effectively focus on the business problems they want to solve using analytics and the decisions that need to be ...
April 21, 2017 // News analytics big data Business //
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Emcien Reinvents Data Analytics with EmcienPatterns, Helping Enterprises Conquer the Last Mile

Emcien® today introduced EmcienPatterns™, revolutionary new data analytics software that provides a steady stream of practical, prioritized tasks to ...
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5 Ways Big Data Analytics Can Help Your eCommerce Business

  The words ‘Big data’ are thrown around a lot these days, but there is no definition that is universally accepted. The best definition of Big ...
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Beijing thinking big on switch to a big data economy

  China pulled out all the stops for the 2017 Big Data Industrial Summit that took place in Beijing last week, led by the Ministry of Industry ...
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Businesses must sharpen up before data swell, study shows

  A decade that was centered around the conversion of analog data to digital is being replaced by an era focused on the value of data. That ...
April 5, 2017 // News analytics big data Business //
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