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IFCA in MoU with Huawei to Explore AI, Big Data

  IFCA MSC Bhd has today entered into a non-legally binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Huawei Services (Hong Kong) Co Ltd to joint ...
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SAP Teams Up On Cloud Sales with Microsoft

  Business software group SAP said on Monday it had reached a three-year deal with Microsoft to help its large enterprise customers move their ...
October 22, 2019 // News Business Software Cloud SAP //
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Amazon Web Services Leading the Way for Public Sector Transformation

  While enterprises both big and small continue to make the most out of cloud services, the public sector, which in Amazon’s definition is mad ...
September 26, 2019 // Blog AWS Cloud Digital Transformation //
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Alibaba Cloud Announces 3rd Generation of X-Dragon Architecture

  Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, today launched the 3rd generation of X-Dragon Architecture to advance the co ...
September 26, 2019 // News Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Cloud //
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The Key to Unlocking Digital Deadlocks: Dynatrace CTO Shares How Businesses Can Avoid Becoming Digitally Stuck

  According to findings of a recent IDC and Dynatrace report titled “The Digital Transformation Blueprint: Software-Defined Enterprises in Asia ...
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Future FinTech Announces Entry into VIE Agreements for the Expansion of its E-commerce Business Scope in China

  Future FinTech Group Inc., a financial technology company and integrated producer of fruit-related products, announced that on Chain Cloud M ...
August 7, 2019 // News Blockchain Cloud FinTech //
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@BactLAB(TM), Bacterial Colony-counting Service, Now Available Globally

  Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo, announced that @BactLAB(TM), an application that uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud an ...
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HR Needs To Fly, That’s Why It Has To Be Taken To The Cloud

  Cloud is not a technology so much as a platform for business transformation. With people still at the heart of every company, Human Resource ...
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