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Six steps to mining the big data opportunity

  There are big business opportunities for local channel partners with the right mix of technical skill and business savvy to unlock the value ...
February 16, 2017 // News big data Data Mining //
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How big data can drive the future of cybersecurity

  Data science experts and big data enthusiasts are excited and prepared for a future that's becoming increasingly connected to the web. Al ...
January 25, 2017 // News big data Cybersecurity Data Mining //
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Segmint’s use of big data adds up to large growth

Big data is turning into a big business in downtown Akron, where the data-mining firm Segmint just moved into new offices in the city-owned Hamlin B ...
January 23, 2017 // News big data Data Mining Segmint //
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Big Data and Mobility: How Well Will They Work Together? It Could Depend on Your Mobile Device

  In 2012, the NY Times reported on Big Data efforts at the retailer Target. Their analysis was able to determine which of their shoppers was ...
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Big Data Is Changing the Way Startups Are Approaching Marketing

  There’s an old public service announcement that ends with the line, “the more you know…” Each TV spot in the series offers a piece of practi ...
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Scientists see progress in identifying deadly drug interactions

  A new method of mining data shows great promise in identifying dangerous drug interactions that had been overlooked by more traditional appr ...
October 11, 2016 // News big data Data Mining Drug Interaction //
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