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ConnectedLife and Ocean Protocol Partner to combat Parkinson’s Disease

By combining Internet of Things (IoT) and deep learning technology, ConnectedLife continuously collects motion data to objectively monitor motor sympt ...
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The 6th edition of IoT Asia will be held from 27 – 28 March 2019 at Singapore EXPO.

  The event has continuously addressed vital developments in the IoT space and attracted a strong following of attendees. As the rate of IoT t ...
March 11, 2019 // News Internet of Things IoT //
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Singapore-based Everise Acquires Trusource Labs; Expanding Customer Support to Internet of Things

  Singapore-based Everise announced that it has signed a binding agreement to acquire the US company Trusource Labs. The acquisition is expect ...
December 4, 2018 // News Internet of Things IoT //
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Japan’s Docomo launches Asia IoT Program

Japan's NTT Docomo has announced a new program aimed at fostering collaboration among IoT network service providers in the Asia-Pacific region. ...
November 5, 2018 // News Internet of Things IoT //
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Celcom announced they will partner with several tech and government agencies with IoT solutions

  With the uprising of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions, Celcom Axiata Berhad has announced that the blue telco will be partnering with ...
November 2, 2018 // News Internet of Things IoT //
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New deal pushes Singapore towards digitisation goals

  The Government Technology Agency of Singapore has awarded Envision with a contract to develop and host a device management control and data ...
November 1, 2018 // News Internet of Things IoT //
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KaHa Leads Strategic Multipartite IoT Innovation Lab – the COVE R2C IoT Innovation Lab – to Accelerate Singapore IoT Development and Commercialization

  Internet of Things (IoT) and smart wearable company KaHa  announced plans to open a multipartite innovation and research lab in Singapore, mod ...
October 29, 2018 // News Internet of Things IoT //
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Universities to collaborate in R&D projects in IoT ecosystem

  Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with other universities for the exploration and col ...
October 18, 2018 // News Internet of Things IoT //
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