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Big Data Analytics – THE Oracle of Marketing

Ask all customer-obsessed marketing teams and they will vouch for increasing the efficiency in targeting potential buyers - every day! When you run a ...
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Neural Coding Your Business: How Analytics Can Guide You to Sell Better

  by Alan Ho, Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific, TIBCO Software Ask any marketer today what the latest “must-have” in their marketing fun ...
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4 digital marketing analytics secrets every business should know

  Digital analytics can help you spread the word about your brand. After all, it’s crucial to use data if you want a clear understanding of th ...
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  Amadeus is extending a helping hand to destination marketing organisations (DMOs) to improve their marketing campaigns with analysis of up-t ...
May 23, 2017 // News analytics big data Marketing //
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Your Next Marketing Strategy Depends on Complex Data Analytics

  Think fast. How do you measure the success of your marketing strategies? If you need to digest this question for longer than two seconds, th ...
May 18, 2017 // News analytics big data Marketing //
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APAC Brands Need More Than Data in Data-Driven Marketing

  It may seem paradoxical, but data alone is not sufficient for Asia-Pacific marketers to ensure their data-driven campaigns will be successfu ...
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Opinion Improving marketing ROI with data analytics

  Organizations are increasingly adopting big data analytics to understand and then fix business problems. They’re learning how to extract val ...
April 7, 2017 // News analytics big data Marketing ROI //
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