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The Potency Of Analytics And Business Intelligence In Today’s Mobile App Development

  The industry has changed, and the way applications are created and how they get dispersed to the app stores have also changed including the ...
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The Revolution We Want And Need

  Application softwares or Apps for short, have become the corner stone of our ever advancing society and looks to become even more integral t ...
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Big Data for Mobile Apps: Most Important Things to Know

  Mobile devices already reached brought us a reality where it became the key. The intimacy of mobile devices has come to a high pitched state ...
May 2, 2017 // News analytics big data Mobile Apps //
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Popular photo app sends your data straight to China

  Meitu carries out checks to establish if an iOS device is jailbroken and collects information about its carrier before passing it onto Xiame ...
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Big Data Collection or Mobile Apps stealing Your Information?

  Android users beware! Take notice that all too often your personal information is not treated privately. Applications on your smartphone may ...
January 19, 2017 // Blog big data Mobile Apps Privacy Security //
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Failing to monetize your apps? Big data can help

  Machine learning and data science provide app developers with business intelligence that can steer them to better quality prospects for thei ...
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  In today’s competitive retail environment, mobile and data analytics are indispensable tools for reaching prospective customer ...
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How can Big Data Boost User Acquisition for Your Mobile App?

  With the competition being enormous and the majority of apps struggling to make a consistent user base, new user acquisition and maintaining ...
November 24, 2016 // News big data data analytics Mobile Apps //
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